The GitHub Student Developer Pack

How do I apply?

This program requires you to:

  1. Be a student having a GitHub account;
  2. 13+ years old.
  3. Be in any degree-granting program that isn’t restricted by the institution’s accreditation.
  4. Provide an evidence of your being a student. This could be your school issued email-address, your school ID card or any other form of documentation.

Okay, but why should I apply?

This is the exciting part. When I found about the Student Pack, I was overwhelmed by the developer tools I was going to get — for free!

Sounds interesting, does the program expire?

Yes, this program is only for students and will expire after two years since the day of acceptance. But you can always renew your subscription if you are still a student!

I am amazed, what else does GitHub offer me?

The Student Developer Pack is definitely A large chunk of the benefits they provide students, but other significant incentives are also included:

1. GitHub Campus Expert Program:

2. Throw a hackathon or a small event at your college:

GitHub can help you ship a 1000$ grant through their links with Major League Hacking (MLH). This can either be a massive hackathon or a small workshop.

3. GitHub Pro

GitHub Pro would allow you additional features when using GitHub. These features are tech-y and not what I would like to share here. You can always read about them in their documentation. Oh yes, amongst many other benefits you get with GitHub Pro, you also get to boast about a Pro Badge on your GitHub profile!



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Osama Akhtar

Osama Akhtar

I love to write my opinions and experiences about the technologies I am interested in. I believe interacting plays a huge part in one’s learning.